Six Flags Land Use Survey: Reasons to demolish the site

  • The former Six Flags New Orleans has spent the past decade and a half rotting away. I fail to see any way it could continue to be used as an amusement park unless the entire area was razed and redeveloped from scratch.
  • I believe demolishing would be okay if it is updated and a new amusement park be established. I have many fond memories of Jazzland/Six Flags when I was young. Some of my best childhood memories were at the amusement park.
  • Place for druggies and bad people to sneak in an use.
  • It needs to be rebuilt as another park
  • The site is least likely to recover with each day passing.

  • I think the price to repair would be too high.
  • It prob houses homeless and drug dealers.
  • I believe demolishing what’s left of the previous park, and bringing an all new amusement park would be good for natives since Six Flags was the only Amusement park in our state. It would also bring in more tourist and vacationers to the area, and make the area more kid friendly.
  • The city needs to hold the owner of the land responsible for the mess it’s become. It makes our wonderful city look like a dump.
  • Regardless of future use, amusement park or not, nothing currently standing on the land is in any useable condition. Wipe the slate clean. Start over.
  • No way it can be saved after all these years of decay. Bad location anyway
  • Looks horrible. New Orleans East needs to have a welcoming site in that spot.
  • Big property going to waste
  • I think its too far gone
  • I want to see Jazzland Rebuilt!
  • They can rebuild a new park with an waterpark to have something to do in the east.
  • Ive been in the abandoned park recently and it is terrible. There were wild boars’ running free. And nasty water everywhere.
  • The equipment has been sitting for quite some time and is not safe to try to repair.
  • Ready for something new
  • A new park would be great in that location
  • Dangerous and an eyesore
  • It can be used for something new.
  • I believe it should be demolished and rebuilt
  • I feel it doesn’t need to be demolished,but I feel like they need to demolish it and build another 6 flags because I miss it
  • Time to find a better use of the land.
  • It needs to revived!!!!
  • To have a new park

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