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OPDEC Candidate Kimberly Lavon Burbank on Branding of District E

Lavon Burbank

A downtown, non-profit organization with older, handsome, African American male members shared with me a need for an approximate $600,000 revolving line of credit to float the organization’s operations.  A segment of their plan necessitated a need for warehouse space.  They were open to locating in Orleans or Jefferson Parish.  Their investment would be directed at the least expensive lease rate available for a warehouse operation.

In the middle of the discussion, the spokesman for the group said, “We’re going to Elmwood.”  I asked, “You’re opening in Elmwood?”

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Participate in UNO’s Small Business Survey and receive cash!

The University of New Orleans Urban Entrepreneurship and Policy Institute is conducting a survey on entrepreneurship in New Orleans for people who are starting businesses, have hustles, or have small businesses.

If you fall into one of these categories, please fill out the short intake form at tinyurl.com/BusinessActivitySurvey, and UNO will contact you with information to complete a more comprehensive survey, after which you will receive $40.

Note: This survey would have been administered as part of the New Orleans East Franchise Workshop, which has been postponed. While arrangements are made to reschedule, please provide the requested information. Thank you.

nola.com | Three years after tornado, relocation of National Finance Center still a political hot potato

Three years after a powerful tornado destroyed their building, nearly 1,000 federal government employees at the National Finance Center in New Orleans East are working from crumbling prefabricated buildings and still have no clue when they’ll get a permanent new home.

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Mtumishi St. Julien

February 15, 2020

Recently there has been more discussion on where to put the new city hall for the City of New Orleans. The old Charity Hospital idea has come and gone. Now the Municipal Auditorium idea has caught fire. But Councilman Jay Banks in a February 6 Advocate article was quoted as saying that “he has heard only conceptual discussions about a move to Municipal Auditorium but would not oppose City Hall leaving the CBD.

“I’m looking out my window as I’m speaking to you at the Superdome, so I know this is prime property that could be providing much more economic benefit to the city,” he said. Banks said his first choice would be to move City Hall — along with the Sewerage & Water Board offices and Civil District Court — to a campus in New Orleans East, where their employees could provide an economic shot in the arm for the area. But he said he was not wedded to any particular idea of where city government should be located.

[ https://www.nola.com/news/article_3b96fe72-4946-11ea-9c85-9b2a2420d946.html ]


New Orleans City Business | Indoor amusement center in New Orleans East to open

According to a news release, a multimillion-dollar entertainment complex in New Orleans East was scheduled to open Sunday, February 9, 2020.

Optimus Entertainment is opening an indoor amusement center in a newly renovated, 42,000-square-foot retail outlet near New Orleans East Hospital and East New Orleans Regional Library. The 24,000-square-foot entertainment center has over 50 games, two laser tag arenas, bumper cars, a 12 seat 12-D interactive theater, virtual reality gaming, a soft play indoor toddler playground with a ball pit and six party rooms to rent for parties and corporate events.  Read the New Orleans City Business article.