Welcome to NOELA Services!

If you are familiar with the NOELA Newsletter or NOELA Magazine you already know NOELA Services. If you’re not familiar with either of these publications, I hope you’ll get to know us.

Since July, 2009, NOELA (New Orleans East LA) Services has been devoted to promoting positive images of the East, through stories and ads about businesses, people and places found in the East. Many of those stories, including advice by local medical, security, environmental and financial experts and consumer watchdogs, were found on the previous NOELANews.com website, and while some of that prior content will be brought back, you will also see new content here.  Continue reading “Welcome to NOELA Services!”

“New Orleans East Means Business”

New Orleans Business Alliance Announces New Orleans East Economic Growth Strategy

– Advertising, Retail and Community Development Efforts to Drive Growth –

NEW ORLEANS – To propel growth in New Orleans East, the New Orleans Business Alliance today announced a multi-layered strategy to promote economic and community development for the area’s approximate 85,000 residents.

The Strategy includes promotional messaging designed to reach hundreds of thousands of people, with local- and nationally-focused initiatives to drive business growth to one of the state’s most populated communities.

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A New Home for City Hall

Could New Orleans East provide the solution?


Mayor LaToya Cantrell is looking for a new location for City Hall, due to the current condition of the existing building. Municipal Auditorium seems to be the top choice, but

several months ago, during one of the many conversations about jump starting development in New Orleans East, a resident suggested to me that it would make sense for City Hall move to New Orleans East.


For some, that might be a laugh out loud suggestion. But there is available space to build, right on the Interstate, which is more convenient than dealing with the challenges associated navigating downtown traffic, a New Orleans East location could provide more convenient parking than the current location, and it could breathe life into an area that could certainly use it.


Is this a crazy idea, or one that makes sense? Stay tuned for more information on how this could work, and how it could benefit the city and the East.


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The Advocate | States need to foster systems to nurture entrepreneurs in order to reduce wealth gap


OCT 23, 2019 – 3:50 PM


To help drive small business development, especially among minorities, cities and states need to foster entrepreneurial ecosystems that make it easier for fledgling companies to find the resources they need, the head of a national organization focused on developing inclusive innovation economies said Wednesday. Read more.