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If you are familiar with the NOELA Newsletter or NOELA Magazine you already know NOELA Services. If you’re not familiar with either of these publications, I hope you’ll get to know us.

Since July, 2009, NOELA (New Orleans East LA) Services has been devoted to promoting positive images of the East, through stories and ads about businesses, people and places found in the East. Many of those stories, including advice by local medical, security, environmental and financial experts and consumer watchdogs, were found on the previous NOELANews.com website, and while some of that prior content will be brought back, you will also see new content here. 

One of the images of the East I have wanted to see for years is the landscaping of the New Orleans East sign, found on Interstate 10 between the I-510 exit and the Michoud exit. This sign announces the entry into the easternmost part of New Orleans, and it should reflect the pride of its residents and the beauty of its natural resources, like Bayou Sauvage.

In addition to the newsletter, NOELA Services also provides support services to homeowner associations and other organizations, and designs and distributes custom newsletters, to ensure that others are aware of the many beautiful neighborhoods in the area. If you have suggestions for stories you’d like to see, click on the Contact tab and let me know.

If you would like to receive the weekly newsletter, click here or on the Subscribe tab under Newsletters. I look forward to hearing from you and growing the East together.

-Lisa Stafford

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