Results of Six Flags Land Use Survey

In response to recent reports that the City of New Orleans has plans to demolish the former Six Flags Amusement Park within the boundaries of I-10, I-510, Lake Forest Boulevard and Michoud Boulevard, NOELA Newsletter readers were asked to share in a brief survey their thoughts about the best use of the site, which has sat vacant for over 10 years.

Of the 389 respondents to the survey, only 13.7% are residents of New Orleans East, and  11.9% are former residents of the East.

There was overwhelming support to restore the site as an amusement park. Only 10.7% want to see the site demolished. One respondent noted that “Regardless of future use, amusement park or not, nothing currently standing on the land is in any useable condition. Wipe the slate clean. Start over.Click here to read all the comments offered by those who want to see the site demolished.

There were far more comments from those who don’t want the park demolished. Some noted the memories they had of going to Jazzland and Six Flags, and the need for family entertainment, the cost to taxpayers to demolish and the lack of another amusement park in the region. One respondent stated, “Jazzland was Naturally N’awlins. A mix of Pontchartrain Beach, the French Quarter and pure fun.”  Click here to read all the comments against demolition of the site.

Overwhelmingly, 82% feel that the best use of the land is for strictly an amusement park, with 96% overall feeling that the site would be best used as an amusement park coupled with another use, such as a Hotel (15.8%), Movie Studio (12.5%), Nature-inspired attraction (10.9%), Retail Center (10.6%), Educational/ScientificStudies center (6.8%), or Sports related establishment (4.9%),  with less than 1% suggesting use as water park or other use.

The company most commonly suggested to run the development was Jazzland. Lagging far behind were Disney, Nickelodeon, Legoland, East New Orleans Business Development District, Stirling Properties, Henry Consulting, Cedar Fair, Dollywood and Gayle Benson, owner of the Saints and Pelicans sports teams.

While all the discussions surrounding the selection of a development may not be public information, and the common explanation for refusing the past suitors being lack of proper funding, it would also be a boon for the City if a major player like Disney, which plans to launch its cruise line from New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season of 2020, took over the site.


Suggested Developers for the former Six Flags site Background
Jazzland Louisiana based developer of themed entertainment which has repeatedly proposed a mixed-use development consisting of hotels, water park, elevated transportation, entertainment and a sportsplex
Disney World renowned amusement park operator
Nickelodeon Manager of indoor amusement parks at Mall of America in Bloomington, MN and American Dream Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ, and in 2009, considered building its first outdoor amusement park at the former Six Flags site in New Orleans
Legoland A family amusement park with locations in the US, Denmark, Germany, US, Malaysia, Dubai, and Japan
East New Orleans Business Development District Coalition of business and civic leaders dedicated to economic growth
Stirling Properties Gulf South region developer
Henry Consulting Project management firm owned by New Orleans East resident and past Mayoral candidate Troy Henry
Cedar Fair Owner/operators of several amusement parks, outdoor and indoor water parks and hotels in the US and Canada
Universal Owner/Manager of movie studios and theme parks in Orlando, FL and Hollywood, CA

4 thoughts on “Results of Six Flags Land Use Survey

  1. I live in N.O.E., and I did not know of the survey. I wish the residents of the area concerned could be notified and given a chance to express their views and concerns about what will affect them.

  2. The study details the possibilities of land development but says nothing about costs to clear and prep the land. Due to the possible toxicity of the land due to Katrina was there any discussion on this subject? What’s next? What’s the timeline? Where can I become involved as a NOE resident? How do I join the discussion?

  3. Why are they saying nothing is salvageable? The concrete is good, plumbing is there. The mega zeph structure is all galvanized steel which will never rust or rott. It could have RMC just put steel rail down in place of ordinary rail and it would be bullet proof. The jester coaster is fine along with most of the roller coaster rails. Jazzland would be a very quick turn around for the community.

  4. I live in New Orleans East for 36 years to date, and was unaware of the survey. Had I known there would have been some input on the Six Flags survey. I still have both my 2005 Six Flags season Parking Pass and my 2005 season pass issued June 05, 2005. I miss that place! I use to go five days a week. All I have now is “GREAT” memories. It was one of the best entertainment parks that was put in the East or New Orleans. I miss it dearly.

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