The Future of Six Flags

Playland NOLA offers another view of what the former amusement park could be

Fourteen years after Hurricane Katrina, one of its most visible casualties, the 227-acre amusement park which has previously operated as both Jazzland and Six Flags theme parks, still sits abandoned. Residents are wondering, “Why hasn’t the site been redeveloped?”

In 2000 the park opened as Jazzland Theme Park, but by 2002, the debt was too great and they filed for bankruptcy. Six Flags then obtained possession of the site from the bankruptcy court. Six Flags had their own financial problems and eventually also filed for bankruptcy in 2009 which enabled them to cancel their lease with the City. The theme park did not reopen after Hurricane Katrina and the Industrial Development Board of the City of New Orleans (IDB) eventually took control of the site. During the 14 years that the park has sat idle, there were failed proposals to build a Nickelodeon theme park in 2009, an outlet mall in 2013, and numerous other plans to rebuild another amusement park — plans that the IDB has shown little interest in, due to lack of proof of funding and developers’ wherewithal. Continue reading “The Future of Six Flags”

Developer shares plans for Jazzland Resort development

Property would replace former Six Flags theme park


TPC-NOLA, Inc. has presented on several occasions a comprehensive plan for developing the Jazzland Resort, which would be built on 224 acres at the former Jazzland/Six Flags park and surrounding land. The vision for the resort would include the Jazzland Theme Park, Baritone Beach Waterpark, and mixed-use retail/dining/entertainment similar to that found in Downtown Disneyworld or Perkins Row in Baton Rouge. Included in the plans would be a hotel with a Wedding Pavilion, Day Spa and other commercial development.

The Jazzland Theme Park would integrate art and music education into familiar themes from the state of Louisiana, such as the French Quarter, Sportsman’s Paradise, the Beach and the Bayou. Developers have committed to actively engaging locally owned businesses for construction, operations, restaurants and print services, and locally produced goods and foods. They also have plans to involve local youth organizations for training.

Although there are several theme parks in the Southern region of the United States, the closest is a Six Flags site 469 miles away in Atlanta, Georgia. Others are a Six Flags site in Dallas, Texas (505 miles), a Six Flags site in San Antonio, Texas (543 miles), DollyWood in Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee (633 miles) and Disney World in Orlando, Florida (642 miles).

A community meeting, previously scheduled for July 17, 2019 from 5:30 pm – 8 discuss plans for the Six Flags Site, was canceled due to Hurricane Barry. Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen will provide additional information on the new date for the meeting.

To request a copy of the study related to the site, email or visit Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen’s Facebook page.

Results of Six Flags Land Use Survey

In response to recent reports that the City of New Orleans has plans to demolish the former Six Flags Amusement Park within the boundaries of I-10, I-510, Lake Forest Boulevard and Michoud Boulevard, NOELA Newsletter readers were asked to share in a brief survey their thoughts about the best use of the site, which has sat vacant for over 10 years.

Of the 389 respondents to the survey, only 13.7% are residents of New Orleans East, and  11.9% are former residents of the East.

There was overwhelming support to restore the site as an amusement park. Only 10.7% want to see the site demolished. One respondent noted that “Regardless of future use, amusement park or not, nothing currently standing on the land is in any useable condition. Wipe the slate clean. Start over.Click here to read all the comments offered by those who want to see the site demolished.

There were far more comments from those who don’t want the park demolished. Some noted the memories they had of going to Jazzland and Six Flags, and the need for family entertainment, the cost to taxpayers to demolish and the lack of another amusement park in the region. One respondent stated, “Jazzland was Naturally N’awlins. A mix of Pontchartrain Beach, the French Quarter and pure fun.”  Click here to read all the comments against demolition of the site.

Overwhelmingly, 82% feel that the best use of the land is for strictly an amusement park, with 96% overall feeling that the site would be best used as an amusement park coupled with another use, such as a Hotel (15.8%), Movie Studio (12.5%), Nature-inspired attraction (10.9%), Retail Center (10.6%), Educational/ScientificStudies center (6.8%), or Sports related establishment (4.9%),  with less than 1% suggesting use as water park or other use.

The company most commonly suggested to run the development was Jazzland. Lagging far behind were Disney, Nickelodeon, Legoland, East New Orleans Business Development District, Stirling Properties, Henry Consulting, Cedar Fair, Dollywood and Gayle Benson, owner of the Saints and Pelicans sports teams.

While all the discussions surrounding the selection of a development may not be public information, and the common explanation for refusing the past suitors being lack of proper funding, it would also be a boon for the City if a major player like Disney, which plans to launch its cruise line from New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season of 2020, took over the site.


Suggested Developers for the former Six Flags site Background
Jazzland Louisiana based developer of themed entertainment which has repeatedly proposed a mixed-use development consisting of hotels, water park, elevated transportation, entertainment and a sportsplex
Disney World renowned amusement park operator
Nickelodeon Manager of indoor amusement parks at Mall of America in Bloomington, MN and American Dream Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ, and in 2009, considered building its first outdoor amusement park at the former Six Flags site in New Orleans
Legoland A family amusement park with locations in the US, Denmark, Germany, US, Malaysia, Dubai, and Japan
East New Orleans Business Development District Coalition of business and civic leaders dedicated to economic growth
Stirling Properties Gulf South region developer
Henry Consulting Project management firm owned by New Orleans East resident and past Mayoral candidate Troy Henry
Cedar Fair Owner/operators of several amusement parks, outdoor and indoor water parks and hotels in the US and Canada
Universal Owner/Manager of movie studios and theme parks in Orlando, FL and Hollywood, CA

Six Flags Land Use Survey: Reasons to demolish the site

  • The former Six Flags New Orleans has spent the past decade and a half rotting away. I fail to see any way it could continue to be used as an amusement park unless the entire area was razed and redeveloped from scratch.
  • I believe demolishing would be okay if it is updated and a new amusement park be established. I have many fond memories of Jazzland/Six Flags when I was young. Some of my best childhood memories were at the amusement park.
  • Place for druggies and bad people to sneak in an use.
  • It needs to be rebuilt as another park
  • The site is least likely to recover with each day passing.
  • I think the price to repair would be too high.
  • It prob houses homeless and drug dealers.
  • I believe demolishing what’s left of the previous park, and bringing an all new amusement park would be good for natives since Six Flags was the only Amusement park in our state. It would also bring in more tourist and vacationers to the area, and make the area more kid friendly.
  • The city needs to hold the owner of the land responsible for the mess it’s become. It makes our wonderful city look like a dump.
  • Regardless of future use, amusement park or not, nothing currently standing on the land is in any useable condition. Wipe the slate clean. Start over.
  • No way it can be saved after all these years of decay. Bad location anyway
  • Looks horrible. New Orleans East needs to have a welcoming site in that spot.
  • Big property going to waste
  • I think its too far gone
  • I want to see Jazzland Rebuilt!
  • They can rebuild a new park with an waterpark to have something to do in the east.
  • Ive been in the abandoned park recently and it is terrible. There were wild boars’ running free. And nasty water everywhere.
  • The equipment has been sitting for quite some time and is not safe to try to repair.
  • Ready for something new
  • A new park would be great in that location
  • Dangerous and an eyesore
  • It can be used for something new.
  • I believe it should be demolished and rebuilt
  • I feel it doesn’t need to be demolished,but I feel like they need to demolish it and build another 6 flags because I miss it
  • Time to find a better use of the land.
  • It needs to revived!!!!
  • To have a new park

Six Flags Land Use Survey: Reasons NOT to demolish the site

  • I am opposed to demolition. There has not been any community engagement about the site the redevelopment of the site. I have positive memories about six flags.
  • I would prefer they rebuild on the site. If they must demolish then have a plan and get something built there ASAP. They need to quit procrastinating. Make a decision and go with it full speed.
  • We need something for families to do
  • The infrastructure of Jazzland is still in useable condition. It would be a great opportunity to allow someone to come in and rebuild Jazzland. It would be a great opportunity for the tourism industry.
  • i went to the park as a child. an always loved it i have a child of my own an loved to get season passes an be able to take him let him enjoy it like i did
  • I live in near by St Bernard Parish.. I feel like they have NOTHING FOR CHILDREN TO DO AROUND HERE
  • It should be restored to it’s intended use.
  • Should be reconstructed and not just destroyed
  • Because when I was a kid it was an awesome place to go with my friends that was safe and fun. Now that I am 30 with kids I wish we had some sort fun amusement park to attend with thrill rides and something to do when it is hot. We can only imagine what our economy would’ve looked like if Disney would’ve never skipped over our state due to politics! Let’s not make the same mistake again!
  • Seems like the park could be rebuilt
  • I want to see the park rebuilt
  • It should be turned back into a theme park. It would bring in tourist dollars, give the youth something to do, and create much needed jobs
  • Need more attractions
  • Because I grew up going to Jazzland and Six Flags and would love for it to be reopened so I can take my kid there in the future to experience what I did growing up.
  • I would drive from the Northshore almost every weekend with my 3 kids to visit Jazzland.
  • With the right amount of help, it could be a wonderful family theme park again
  • I believe our children and families here need something fun and productive to do. It would also bring more tourism to our city and bring more money as well!
  • They should renovate and reopen as a theme park.
  • Jazz land Park has potential to be saved. The property has been abandoned for almost 14 years. If the city was so concerned about demolishing the property, than why has it sat for so long?
  • The park should be reopened as an amusement park. Demolition is costly and unnecessary.
  • I would love to see Jazzland come back so I can bring my kids. We were season ticket holders prior to Six Flags taking over.
  • I live close to New Orleans east and would love to see Jazz Land Come back.
  • The best use of the land is to reestablish a theme park.
  • New Orleans needs another family friendly, safe, destination attraction.
  • I believe it should be preserved and used as a future attraction site, such as bringing back Jazzland. I have fond memories of going when I was a young girl.
  • It’s a treasured landmark among the community.
  • I want Jazzland Park to rebuild.
  • Could be amusement park
  • It should be restored
  • It is a place I’ve always wanted to go and an amusement park would help push me to go
  • It was a great attraction for families.
  • I feel it can be restored
  • The area should be restored to its former glory. The last thing that is needed is more malls, apartment , stores etc.
  • Because you need to bring life back to that side of New Orleans.
  • New Orleans doesn’t have any amusement park and there is no amusement park in the entire state for people to fo out and havexa good time and ride all kinds of rides and it’s prime land to fix it up and build a nice little amusement park like Kentucky Kingdom size
  • It can be revitalized to work the east into tourism.
  • I support the rebuilding of Jazzland
  • Memories and money
  • I grew up in the East when it was booming and I believe Jazzland would help bring it back. I used to have a season pass and go every evening after work. This was one reason I decided not to purchase a home I New Orleans East because of the lack of amenities for my family including no Jazzland
  • New Orleans East needs something to wake it up. The city hasn’t been the same since Katrina! Bring Jazzland back!!!!!!
  • Due to the lack of other amusement parks, economic viability, and existing infrastructure restoring Jazzland is without a doubt the best option. It would be better than before with the addition of a waterpark, studio, retail and even a hotel.
  • I want to see Jazzland reopened
  • Because that’s stupid af
  • I do not want to see them demolish, I want them to rebuild
  • I personally feel that you have a well equipped company ready to purchase with a long thought out plan. I feel this would give New Orleans a lot of tourism; bringing in extra jobs and income for our area. I feel there are people that live near who are now saying to take it down due to the way it’s been left and the negativity it is bringing near their homes. However, I feel if it was rejuvenated and alive again it would bring lots of good to the area. Why let something that can be so bright get demolished. Why not give it a chance? Makes no sense to me. Sincerely a previous season pass holder as a high school student and would love to do the same for my family.
  • I want Jazzland park to reopen a new and better park!
  • It is a waste of infrastructure and land.
  • demolishing it will not benefit the city in any way
  • Redevelopment
  • Why pay to demolish something that has a value.
  • To many good memories there! The area needs a park for future generations not to mention the historical value it has.
  • I used to go here when I got out of school.
  • Because someone is trying to bring more revinue to the city but y’all are trying to be shady.
  • I would like to see Jazzland Theme Park re-opened.
  • An amusement park would be a great tourist attraction for the New Orleans area.
  • I feel it’s a waste of tax payer money and the infostructure could be re used
  • So many great memories of such an awesome amusement park. It was built at one point before the storm. REBUILD IT !!!
  • Waste of infrastructure and resources
  • I would love to see it sold to jazz land and for it to be rebuilt we would benefit from this greatly by saving the demo cost creating jobs and giving the community and kids something to look forward 2
  • I believe it was a great place for family time. I grew up going to six flags and now I have children that I wish could have the same wonderful experience.
  • Every place should have a family friendly place to have fun
  • New Orleans is currently without an amusement park and they are staples in any city’s entertainment and tourism lineups
  • I loved visiting Six Flags.
  • People will not go this far out to shop. Amusement parks like Rockaway Beach draw people tjat far from interstate
  • Bring back Jazzland
  • Jazzland can be brought back better than ever!!
  • Money would be better spent renewing the theme park into a jewel for the entire New Orleans area community.
  • It can be use has an economic engine
  • Because it will cost a lot of tax payers money to demolish something that has an existing infrastructure that can be used as it was intended to be used a theme park!
  • Memories lots of memories there
  • I want the amusement park back!
  • We would love to have an amusement park close to home to bring our children. I’m sure it will bring a great deal of revenue to the area as well.
  • I feel that the land would benefit the city if another amusement park opens there.
  • I grew up in Metairie and born in New Orleans. My fondest memories were Pontchartrain Beach. When my daughter was young we drove to Jazzland then Six Flags. I would like to support my hometown but with small grandchildren there is only so much fun and so many times you can go to the aquarium and the zoo. I would love to be able to have an amusement park. But if you don’t want it I hope another city gets it. Then I won’t really need to come to NO except to put flowers on my parents graves.
  • An amusement park would be an excellent way to revitalize the lot, and bring needed revenue into the area.
  • I am a New Orleans resident and I feel the best use of our tax’s would be to sell it to Jazzland Park.
  • Should be more cost effective to sell to private investors and use tax dollars elsewhere.
  • Because the east needs something for families to do! Reopening jazzland would be great for families!
  • Want the amusement park back it was a great outing for the kids years ago and a close drive. Able to keep Louisiana money in Louisiana
  • Even though the park has been abandoned for over a decade now, it still has incredible potential should it be reopened. I study tourism patterns and attractions as part of my marketing career, and I learned that the amusement industry is one of the most liquid businesses out there. Done right, an amusement park could be more profitable than any mall, hotel, or event center. They bring in families from as far as 100 miles away. A common complaint of the old park was that it was fourteen miles from the French Quarter. However, most families with young children and preteens would be willing to travel an extra twenty minutes to go an amusement park. Another complaint was the lack of shade, but that has already been solved by years of abandonment. The current vegetation could just be trimmed back with more landscaping to be aesthetically pleasing. Plus, even just adding one specific type of attraction could increase the park’s popularity. One attraction that has proven to be extremely profitable in the past decade is what’s called a water fortress. They are water park attractions that have many interactive features, a few slides, and a giant tipping bucket. They prove to keep guests in a park up to two hours longer. In short, an amusement park is the best use of the site. It would bring tourism to New Orleans East, it would bring in tax dollars from the area, it would be cost efficient since most of the infrastructure is still there and many of the old rides could be restored and reused, and it would undoubtedly be more successful than the two previous parks since any smart developer has seen the design flaws of the previous parks and has planned how they would fix them.
  • This “demolishion” seems like an under the table deal between government and companies. WHY ELSE WOULD GOVERNMENT NOT SELL OFF PROPERTY TO SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO DO SOMETHING WITH IT….
  • It would be a waste of taxpayers money. There is a company ready to take the land off the cities hands and bring the park back to life. This would bring tax dollars to the city. Not take them away.
  • I would like to visit a new theme park with history and tie it in with a trip to New Orleans
  • I strongly believe that the site should be sold to the jazz land developer who can best use the property for tourism!
  • Think of the history there and if Turned into a amusement park then think of all the visitors that come to it meaning even more tourists coming with money helping local businesses. Plus Louisiana deserves a park and a water park to cool off with.
  • It should be sold and let the new owners decide what to do with it. The city has enough things to do without developing and maintaining new properties.
  • I would love a reason like this to visit New Orleans.
  • Need to rebuild the park.
  • Because the people of New Orleans and surrounding areas loved that park. Don’t mind driving out that way for an amusement park.
  • Bc I used to go here as a child and I would love for my children to be able to one day !! Also to be able to tell them the story of what the hurricane did to the city & how this beautiful place came back to life & was rebuilt .
  • Theme Park
  • It seems ridiculous for the city to spend money it does have on demolition. It seems a “No-Brainer” to sell the land and bring more money into the city treasury.
  • As someone from England who has followed the progress on the Six Flags site for a while, New Orleans needs an amusement park to boost tourism, employment, and bring economy to the area. I would be likely to visit New Orleans with the amusement park there. It makes no sense to use taxpayer money to demolish the site which could be invested elsewhere, especially since there is a group willing to purchase and reuse the current infrastructure thus costing the city no money for demolition.
  • I live in Ms and we would love to see the park rebuilt we use to visit every other weekend before the storm
  • We need more attractions in the south!
  • A lot of the land and rides can be refurbished .I think it should be bought and turned back into jazz land .
  • There is someone willing to work with what is already there and the city should let them.
  • Because I would like to come visit and go have fun with my family.
  • It would be a waste to ruin all that infrastructure when it could be used to rebuild a park.
  • The jazzland group led by Tonya pope has a solid viable plan to rebuild. Give them 6 months to pull the deal together. It’s ridiculous to spend taxpayers money to demolish when private enterprise can bring in tax revenue!
  • Because I believe that the land should be sold to Jazzland. This area is in dire need of family friendly places. An amusement park would be perfect! I truly think that Jazzland deserves this property.
  • We need more family oriented things and rebuilding Six Flags/ Jazzland would be a huge step in the right direction.
  • I feel that a company could use parts of the existing, yet damaged infrastructure to create an amusement park or retail center, keeping remnants as a reminder of nature’s wrath
  • I live in Slidell, right on the other side of the lake. We need things for our children to be entertained and not on the streets. It will bring in more tourists and money into the city. Add jobs to the area. I have no idea why yall are wanting to destroy something that can help in so many ways.
  • I think it is a huge waste of money
  • I feel like it can be saved
  • I feel like it could make a lot of money as a theme park. It would be a nice tourist spot too.
  • I would love to see this park brought back to life!
  • Because it’s a landmark
  • Park is needed to draw in tourists and money
  • Fun needs to be bought back to the area.
  • Its the only theme in Louisiana and we want to bring our 9 children.
  • I think New Orleans needs some type of amusement park. Why start something from scratch when you could just revitalize what’s already there!
  • I am strongly opposed to demolition.
  • Because it should be fixed back up and used as an amusement park and resort.
  • New Orleans East needs excitement. Passing through the East looks like a has-been city with nothing left.
  • Because our Children need a Place to enjoy that, can allow them to escape. Enjoy life and not have to worry.
  • I would love to see it rebuilt. It would give my family a new vacation spot closer to home.
  • want it to be reopened
  • Because that property is better suited to be used as a theme park to help boost the economy in that area.
  • Jazzland was around when I was a teen. When I come visit with my son, it would be nice to have an amusement park to go to. The cities CBD is set up for mostly adult entertainment. The city needs to bring back the park to expand the tourism age group and market.
  • I feel this way because i believe if the amusement park was brought back it would have a chance to succeed. Both people of south Louisiana and from other places will be able to have a place that is both fun and family oriented.
  • Waste of tax payers money. Developer should take care of it.
  • I think the government will waste their money on the demolition. The site should stay a theme park. Some rides can be fixed.
  • Because the expenditure to demolish is not worth it when there is a company will to buy the property and develop it
  • Rebuild the park
  • The site needs to be rebuilt into an area that families can utilize with children of all ages.
  • I am a member of ACE “American Coaster Enthusiasts and NEVER want to see a coaster demolished..
  • Mega zeph needs to be preserved
  • When the amusement park was up and running, it brought tourist attraction from all over and brought money to the city. We live on the Westbank and purchased season tickets every year they were opened. I think the site should be re-developed into another theme park/amusement park.
  • Because six flags was going to have a water park expansion announced
  • I feel like it would benefit the community as well as surrounding communities as a place for our youth and elders alike to have somewhere fun to go.
  • It has become a defining landmark in the city. It should be reopened to give the residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas an option for recreational activity as well as attract tourism. There is more than enough accessible retail space elsewhere.
  • Sell it to Jazzland Park and let them. Demo and rebuild.
  • Its a great site to build a great family tourist attraction. There is nothing in New Orleans for families to do.
  • Bring Jazzland back.
  • It would be a waste of money, plus empty land cannot generate taxes or draw in tourists.
  • Demolishing the amusement park will cost more money than rebuilding it.
  • The site is a part of the history of New Orleans, and the only reason I would want to see this amusement park torn down is if they we’re building another in the same spot.
  • There is a company wanting to rebuild Jazzland. That is the best use of the property. I live an hour from new Orleans and always bought season tickets to Jazzland/Six Flags. This area needs more attractions.
  • The park and property are historic and bringing another amusement park would show America that we have recovered and defeated any weathering storms.
  • I enjoyed many years at Jazzland and Six Flags growing up. I feel another amusement park would be a great addition to the area especially to increase visiting in the area.
  • I don’t understand why you would waste taxpayer money on demolition when you have a company trying to purchase the land as-is.
  • I feel this way because it has good structure and would love to see it restored back into a amusement park, or convert it to amusement park / water park. Even if you can’t do anything amusement park related, something exciting needs to go in place. Possibly crime rate would go down!(wishful thinking) but it could happen!
  • I love theme parks and the happiness they bring. This story has been big news in the theme park community, the rebirth.
  • I feel it should open back up as a Jazzland or other amusement park. I live in Slidell, La, and we need something fun closer to home.
  • It was memories for me when I was a kid, but I would want Jazzland to take it over!!
  • I loved jazz land when it was open. Louisiana actually had something for everyone to do.
  • A park could be a great expansion to the community’s family options for recreation, increase tourism, and allow an opportunity to highlight New Orleans culture.
  • jazzland was Naturally N’awlins. A mix of Pontchartrain Beach, the French Quarter and pure fun.
  • Buildings, rides and land can be salvaged for Jazzland Park who has offered to buy!
  • We need more family friendly attractions in the area, and need more places to draw tourists and keep money here in the city.
  • When Jazzland was open I went as a kid and I would love to now bring my kids to a amusement park and not have to travel out of state.
  • This could be a great opportunity to have something great come back to the New Orleans area.
  • The structure is still good and it can be rebuilt.
  • Louisiana has no viable amusement park. The residents of the surrounding parishes have to go out of town to enjoy something out of the normal tourist places. There is no place for all of us to unite and experience something special like our own amusement park. The east is shunned by most of the state and thrown into the madness and despiration of a hopeless wasteland destroyed by Katrina. Bring us all back together in harmony and fun and LOVE. Bring back JAZZLAND THEME PARK.
  • I feel it would be better for that area if the park reopened as Jazzland.
  • Because I spent many days there in the past when I was a younger adult. I would love to spend many more days there in the future with my kids if the site is redeveloped as Jazzland theme park. Even though we live in Monticello, MS, it is not that far of a drive to visit often if we had season passes. There is no reason for the city to use tax payer’s money to demolish the park when there is an investor/groups of investors that want to buy the land and develop the land using their money at no cost to the tax payer. It makes more sense that they spend their money to develop the land versus the city using tax payer money to demolish the site.
  • If it was open with a water park and hotel (like Disney or Universal Studios) it would be a more profitable business than it was before Hurricane Katrina. Amusement parks are very popular and also bring visits to New Orleans. You cant tell me that you havent felt the effects of it being closed for 14 years with the lose of property taxes and sales taxes? There are investors who want to reopen it so lets quit fooling around and wasting tax dollars and just get the park open again. I would like to come and enjoy it if that is ok with you.
  • I enjoyed the season pass with my family and we did not have ti drive far to enjoy the day.
  • New Orleans/Gulf Coast needs a theme park for families and visitors….not everyone wants to spend their whole time in the French Quarter while visiting NO
  • someone is literally trying to buy the land from the city to make use of it instead of demolishing it. If jazz land was rebuilt to its full glory it could have a great improvement on the economic system while also giving OUR kids something fun to do
  • If someone wants to better it than better it..Theres nothing for the young kids and young teens..It would open more jobs Bernard has nothing..wonder why the drug rate is so high
  • Because it is a landmark and a secondary location of part of New Orleans History! They demolished Pontchartrain Beach for condos, an inconic part of mine and I’d say all of New Orleanians lives!! Why not make it an outdoor museum or something? It has been utilized for many movies since Katrina and it would be so “very sad” to see more of our green space riddled with burnt cars and dumping of trash! Why not keep it and utilize the assets that remain? Continue to allow the filming id movies and tv series there and possibly make it something that will tell our history as we love and remember.
  • The Park has worldwide publicity and the area really needs an amusement park to entertain families and tourists. There’s enough retail and other options elsewhere
  • We need a family fun center in the East to bring business to the community, make it thrive again come up bring my property value up. We need a water park as well. We Need a lot of things in the East. We have plenty of land and there’s no reason why we can’t Build on it….
  • Want to be Jazzland Season Pass Holder again.
  • There’s nothing like it close by that would give family and there kids something they could enjoy year round
  • The site was a big part of my teen years. I would love to have an amusement park back on the city to take my children to.
  • I want an amusement park!!!!!
  • Because I have so many memories there.
  • Want to see the park restored
  • As an adult I take weekend trips to NOLA but after I had my daughter NOLA, even with the children’s museum, insectarium, zoo, city park, and aquarium, it would still be a much nicer place to resort with my family with the addition or revival of the theme park. I went there when it was jazz land and celebrated my 30th birthday there when it was six flags.
  • I love theme parks, and it’s Why I go to the area. The rebirth of this park as Jazzland Resort is a huge story and bring people from far away
  • Would like to see it return.
  • Cause we need something closer that driving almost 8 hours to go to six flags for a weekend
  • Waste of money, can be used again.
  • Both answers favor the demo of the site. Let’s bring back Jazzland
  • If it would have been demolished immediately following Katrina then I would have supported that. But now you have offers of people that want to do something with that property and that land why not help New Orleans East and let somebody take it over that’s going to make the improvements to it and help to revitalize the area.
  • It can be used for Movies, Voodoo tours, money to be made and no one sees it.
  • I think sellimg the land as is would be best. A company can restore the park bringing in more tourists. More tourists equals more money, property taxes and jobs.
  • Jazz land recovery
  • I enjoyed the park as a kid and would like to see it restored.
  • We need an attraction in our area for kids to go and to attract tourism in the east. I have fond memories at six flags when i was a child myself
  • We need a amusement park close!
  • I feel like completely demolishing the land would be way more expensive than developing on it.
  • The Six Flags site can be redone for families to enjoy like the way I and many of my friends did when we were younger. Keeping the park WILL add to the tax base, it will give locals and tourists other things of entertainment besides the french quarter (which isnt geared for kids, but adults), it will add a ton of jobs and it will shape new orleans as more of a family destination.
  • The community needs something more for the kids and family to do.
  • its a great site, have been studying it for years and it can be brought back
  • I want it to come back to life!
  • I had an amazing time visiting Six Flags & wish it was still there to share with my kids.
  • It’s a land mark to many
  • I think it should be rebuilt and reopened since it was only open for like 5 years before Katrina hit.
  • Redeveloped into jazzland
  • I think it can be repurposed for less than demolition
  • I enjoyed the Amusement park
  • It’s a land mark at this point
  • Jazzland should be the amusement park for the New Orleans region.
  • It’s a landmark
  • I do not want to see site demolished but rather rebuilt for a family theme park so that I can take my daughter to enjoy herself like I did growing up. We had to travel to Houston but this would be so much closer.
  • I want Jazzland to reopen it so I can get season passes again. I was there every weekend.
  • It’s a waste of money. Louisiana needs more family oriented places, especially New Orleans being the largest in the tourism market. Let’s keep the spirit and culture of New Orleans!
  • Because, I been their since it first open as Jazz Land great memories.
  • it was the perfect entertainment and now movie site
  • rebulid the park
  • i live 30 minutes away and would love another amusement park around the area.
  • The site makes a good amusement park – the foundations are in place to reuse them.
  • I loved going to Six Flags N.O. when it was open. We got season passes every year. It was local enough to where I lived to make a day trip to go there and not have to spend money on a hotel to travel to any other theme parks.
  • The cost to taxpayers and a theme park along the gulf coast will be a great revenue and provide jobs for people that work at the park as well as major suppliers for the park.
  • Because we need something fun and family oriented in the area. I grew up going to jazzland every weekend!
  • Because I feel the people of a world class city deserve a fun family friendly environment to be able to bring their children and that it would bring millions of much needed dollars in tax revenues to the area and would spawn many other new businesses surrounding it.
  • New Orleans needs a park and I loved going there. It would bring jobs and excitement for kids.
  • It is a large staple of our past and should remain that way for future generations and to allow more income into our city.
  • It is a great asset to the community and should be a theme park.
  • because i don’t want it to get demolished
  • I don’t want to see an amusement park being demolished it will be hard for coaster enthusiast like myself would love to see an increase in attendance in the future and add more roller coaster for coaster enthusiast like myself would love to see an amusement park grow.
  • The six flags means a lot to me and the kids
  • A well designed theme park is a great use for the land which is already laid out for this purpose. Why waste taxpayer money on demolition when a group is poised to move on re-development into a world-class theme park?
  • I would like to see another park if possible it could bring more tourists to the city
  • Because demolition would cost a lot of money and the area could use an amusement park to help the economy.
  • I feel the way I do because I think after 14 years, an amusement park that is abandoned should be reinstated and have life again. Just because Six Flags does not want the site anymore, some other company should step in and continue what Jazzland started back in 2000.
  • we need the theme park back we have nothing to do beside drink in the god forsaken city tired of not having much to do with my child
  • Waste of money
  • Jazzland needs to be built back. It would be great to bring my kids just like i used to go when i was younger
  • Families need something to do.
  • Because Louisiana needs a theme park with room to expand.
  • This park brought everyone together and brought so much tourists to our wonderful city. It will also bring in plenty of jobs as well! I grew up here when I was little and I would love to relive my childhood again. Please don’t tear down this place!
  • There is a local company who myself and others support that wants to use the Six Flags foundation for a new amusement park, Jazzland Park. It will boost tourism, provide jobs, and offer family entertainment to us locals.
  • There are better use for the infrastructure currently there
  • I grew up on the Northshore and spent many weekends at Six Flags.
  • This park means a lot to so many people! There so many memories here but sadly katrina robbed people of those memories and ones to be made, i would just hate to see such a profitable attraction like jazzland be taken away from the people of New Orleans for good!
  • Why destroy an iconic land mark
  • Because it is a piece of history and would be a disgrace to demolish it. New Orleans is already such a popular tourist destination and this would raise that even more. Not only this, but it would bring older guests to the park who once visited the park when it was running.
  • Because New Orleans is already a destination, why not give a reason for visitors to spend more time in NOLA.
  • Bring the park back. Please
  • I have fond memories of the park and view a amusement park as something New Orleans is lacking
  • Anything they replace it with will not be as good
  • New Orleans needs an amusement park. I loved it when it was opened. It would be a big waste to demolish it. Refurbish and expand on what is already there.
  • Would love to see it restored and loved again
  • I want it rebuilt!
  • It’s apart of New Orleans history. I would like to see it open back up.
  • Bring it back!
  • Demolition would costs twice as much. first to remove everything, and second to put something else back. Why ruin some structure just to make it look “better”
  • I live in this part of the country – we need more amusement parks!
  • No other real amusement parks with thrilling rides in the area. It could do a lot for the community
  • Our families need somewhere locally to get away.
  • It would be cost effective to utilize the material that is currently there, plus this property has become something that is still standing post Katrina. It would be nice to see some of the original buildings still there.
  • Because nature has integrated it and it’s now a memorial landmark. We know it floods so don’t put anything else there. Let is serve as a reminder of what happened and what we overcame. Iived downtown NOLA at the time Katrina hit.
  • Build Jazzland Park
  • It looks cool and would make a great place for photography and film. Please allow us to obtain permits to do photo shoots here
  • Livee close by and great for vacation for the family
  • This area needs a fun escape such as a six flags
  • Its dope to break in to
  • The park should be sold to Tonya Pope of the Jazzland Park development plan so the park can reopen and become a profitable attraction for the whole family.

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