A First for the National Finance Center

Federal Agency Led by Women in Top Two Posts

Photo of Anita Adkins, Acting Director of the National Finance Center
Anita Adkins, Acting Director of the National Finance Center

Adkins chosen as Acting Director, National Finance Center

Anita Adkins, who previously served as Deputy Director of the National Finance Center, is now the Acting Director of the Federal agency. Adkins succeeds Calvin Turner, the Center’s first African-American Director in its 48 year history.

Since 1973, NFC has provided payroll solutions including all services and processes to create bi-weekly payroll totaling $3 billion for more than 600,000 Federal employees in 170 Agencies, representing all three branches of the Government. This includes payroll processing, salary payment processing, tax reporting, IT services, and IT security services. 

Ms. Adkins has been with the National Finance Center since 2018 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience from the various positions she held in the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies prior to joining NFC.  She was instrumental in leading NFC in reconstitution efforts related to the February 2017 tornado and provided critical leadership during the longest Federal Government shutdown in history in December 2018, which had a tremendous impact on the Center. She holds a M.A. degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and a B.A. degree from Central Texas University.

In her current position, Ms. Adkins will continue to provide executive leadership in planning, developing, and administering government-wide payroll, benefits, human resources, and other administrative services for the USDA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer.   

Ms. Adkins will be the Acting Director for the National Finance Center (NFC) until further notice.  


Photo of Angelique Dyer, Acting Deputy Director of the National Finance Center
Angelique Dyer, Acting Deputy Director of the National Finance Center

Dyer selected as Acting Deputy Director, National Finance Center

Angelique Dyer was recently added to the National Finance Center Team, and is serving as the Acting Deputy Director in a 120-day appointment. Ms. Dyer brings a broad range of knowledge and experience to the organization, having served as the current Director of the Financial Management Services’ (FMS) Customer Services Division. She has over 30 years of Federal Service. 

Ms. Dyer is a lifelong resident of New Orleans, Louisiana. She is an honor graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from American InterContinental University, Key Executive Leadership graduate of American University’s School of Public Affairs, certified SAP associate, graduate of the Federal Executive Institute, and USDA’s Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program.

Ms. Dyer has been instrumental in the development, implementation, and deployment of many USDA systems, utilized by the Department requiring extensive knowledge of Federal regulations, system policies, procedures, and practices. She was also recognized as one of Louisiana’s Top 15 Business Women.

Before her Director position in FMS, Ms. Dyer held positions of Chief of the Customer Support Branch, and Risk Management Officer in the Controller Operations Division, in charge of all continuity of operations planning and security-related activities. She has served for many years as an instructor for USDA in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s Info Center and the Application Systems Divisions’ Conversion and Training Team. Ms. Dyer has held various other positions at the National Finance Center, where her career began as a manager with the Thrift Savings Plan Division, New Orleans, Louisiana.  

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