Local Leaders urge residents to complete Census applications

Participation is key to obtaining critical federal funding

In a WDSU Editorial piece, WDSU President and General Manager Joel Vilmenay urges residents to participate in the Census. “We are down seven, seven percentage points behind the national average for residents who’ve filled out their Census,” he says. The deadline is approaching.

“The Census is important because its results will be used to determine critical federal funding, funding for education, health care, roads, social services, among other vital programs …for the next 10 years. This is funding we need and deserve.

“The process is easy and your personal data will not be used against you. Let’s not allow your federal funds to be sent to another state simply because they did a better job completing the Census. Log on to census.gov or call 844-330-2020 today.”

Councilmember, District E, Cyndi Nguyen said in a statement, “For the next ten years, the federal government will rely on 2020 Census data to help guide distribution of approximately $1.5 trillion in annual spending across 316 federal programs and more than $26 billion in Louisiana alone. These programs include Medicaid, direct student loans, highway construction grants, low-income tax credits and loans, and even adoption assistance programs.

The Census can be completed online at any time by going to www.2020census.gov.

On Saturday, September 26, from 10 AM – 3 PM, Census workers will be on-site at the following locations: 

  • Laguna Reserve – 5131 Bundy Road
  • Carmel Brook – 12345 I-10 Service Road
  • Carmel Springs – 12151 I-10 Service Road
  • Orwood Creek – 10151 Curran Boulevard
  • Laguna Run – 7001 Martin Drive
  • Laguna Creek – 6881 Parc Brittany

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