| Entergy’s 100-acre solar plant nears completion in New Orleans East

Average residential customer to see increase of $1.50 a month when solar plant comes online

October 29, 2020. A new solar power plant in New Orleans East will generate enough electricity to run 3,100 homes when it gets up and running, part of a broader plan by Entergy to diversify its power generation sources.

The rows and rows of solar panels, which sit on 100 acres inside of the NASA Michoud Assembly Site, are being constructed by Entergy New Orleans and its partner, DEPCOM Power.

When the 20-megawatt plant is complete in November, it will deliver renewable energy directly to two distribution feeders at Entergy’s Sherwood Forest substation, sending that solar power out to all utility customers.

The project is a realization of Entergy’s larger push to add a mix of solar, nuclear and natural gas-fired power sources to its portfolio in the coming years. Entergy’s $210 million, 128-megawatt gas-fired power station in New Orleans East began operating in May.

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