LSBDC State Director, Carla Holland shares some Working from Home Tips for Productivity, Mental Health and Staying Healthy …

Many people are working from home; but while getting your work done is important for business, staying healthy (mentally and physically) is just as crucial for at-home. It’s all about creating boundaries between work and personal life, and that can be a difficult adjustment. Here are some tips for telecommuting, working from home, self-isolating or even self-quarantining—no matter your reasoning.

  1.       Maintain Regular Hours

While working remotely does mean that there is added flexibility with your personal life schedule, it’s best to stick to a schedule where you can be productive, get your work done and call it a day when work hours are up.

  1.     Create a Morning Routine

Whether it’s having a cup of coffee every morning, doing some morning stretches or taking your dog on a walk, creating a morning routine can greatly help you get ready for the work-day at home.

  1.     Schedule Breaks

Just like any working environment, giving yourself breaks is incredibly important to let your brain and body relax. Take a 15-minute walk, go make some lunch or catch up with a loved one on the phone—whatever you do, though, do not work yourself to the bone without letting yourself take a break away from screens, meetings and work.

  1.     Leave Home

Even with the stay at home order, it is still important you get out and take a break from your routine workspace. Your body needs to move, and fresh air and new scenery do your mind a lot of good.

  1.     Socialize with Colleagues

Of course, in the wake of something like the coronavirus, socializing in-person with others might not be best idea. But in general, if you are working from home, socializing is important. Loneliness, disconnection and isolation are common problems in remote work life. Conference calls and virtual meetings give people the chance to speak to others while still getting work done. Making sure you nurture relationships, both work and personal, is crucial to mental health—especially when working remotely.

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