City moving some homeless residents to hotel in New Orleans East citing ‘logistical issues’ in CBD |

Nearly 200 people were offered temporary housing on March 26 after the city cleared out several large homeless encampments deemed public health risks.
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2 thoughts on “City moving some homeless residents to hotel in New Orleans East citing ‘logistical issues’ in CBD |

  1. PLEASE extend my Sincere THANKS to Cyndi Nguyen her efforts to move the homeless encampment individuals from Claiborne to New Orleans East.

    Just curious as to WHY the Hilton Garden Inn located in Downtown New Orleans where they were originally moved to was not suitable to continue to house them.

    Recognize that New Orleans  East is so very far from the city that transportation is difficult & costly and by no means is walking an option for these displaced residents.

    New Orleans East has its own cast of individuals that make their living at the corner of I-10 and Read as well as I-10 & Bullard.

    Venturing into Walmart to solicit customers is frequent among this population.

    I always appreciate when I read articles & when N.O. East is mentioned the frequent comments from people are so very complimentary as to how nice N.O. East USED to be, and how NOW it’s the bowels of New Orleans!

    Just THIS week within 30 minutes (3) N.O. East Family Dollar & Dollar General stores were robbed at gunpoint.  

    N.O.East has a disproportionate share of apartments.

    I truly appreciate ALL that Ms. Nguyen has NOT done to protect our property values.

    My neighborhood assoc. had installed private cameras to offer surveillance AND we are assessed within our property taxes to pay for private security patrol. UNACCEPTABLE that we have to take the responsibility for extra security measures.

    I guess the ONLY recourse just as many of my friends and neighbors have done is to put my property up for sale and pay to live in a different parish OR make out voice heard in the next election…

    Residents of N.O. East felt that James Gray did NOT do enough to improve N.O. East and THOUGHT that voting for Cyndi Nguyen was a solution.

    BTW … take a ride on I-10 East and notice that starting near Chef Menteur …. NO LIGHTS on the Interstate ! !

    I’m an sorely DISAPPOINTED in your leadership and improvement of N.O East thus far.

    As a No. O East resident having my home & community devastated by Hurricane Katrina I clearly understand being displaced…. THIS however IS a bit different !!

    1. Ms. Cyndi Nguyen … ARE YOU PROTECTING N.O.East ???
      4 APARTMENT complexes experienced car burglaries last night.

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