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Building a new New Orleans East

What does it take to build a city?


The basic necessities of a city are people, a means for those people to support themselves financially, land to build on, housing, schools, retail, green space, infrastructure (roads, transportation, utilities, water supply, waste management, etc.), public safety, some form of governance and methods of funding public activities.

New Orleans East has all of those things, yet, it still struggles in many ways.

If you could build a new New Orleans East from scratch, what would you do differently? What would you do that has never been done? What would you stop doing that’s not working?

Please leave a comment about what you would do, if given the power and/or money needed, to change New Orleans East.

One thought on “Call to Action

  1. 1. I would do away with section 8 housing and the mindset that comes with it.
    2. After accomplishing the first goal. I would like to see named businesses as well as big businesses come back to the East as it was in the early 1990’s.
    3. Increase the police presence in the East. Not police harassment, just the visible presence and mindset that comes from seeing a representation of law and order.
    4. Build up the East to rival that of a Metairie or a Slidell.
    5. I would like to see tax dollars go to work in the East. Public recreation expanded, effective public schooling, cut public grass spaces, repaired streets in a timely manner, clean streets. A healthy parks and parkways team as well as a competent sewerage and water board.
    6. Renewable energy sites that add to life; harvesting the power of all of the water that we are surrounded by.

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