WBOK Radio Show addresses concerns about New Orleans East

WBOK 1230 AM invited residents of New Orleans East to be guests on the Friday morning radio show in response to the letter that was sent out on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. The letter called residents of New Orleans East to action to support a request to elected officials to provide an action plan within 30 days for increasing economic development in the area.

From 8:30 am until 9:30 am, Sylvia Scineaux-Richard, President of the East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission (ENONAC); Tangee Wall, Executive Director of Friends of Joe W. Brown Park; Bryan Jourdain, President of the Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District; and Lisa Stafford, Owner of NOELA Services, LLC, talked about their concerns related to the lack of economic development in the East.

Sylvia Scineaux-Richard pointed out that residents of the East don’t want to be last when considering the needs of the city, while Tangee Wall reiterated that we’ve watched every part of the city move forward, while the East has not, even after multiple meetings and studies. Bryan Jourdain reminisced about growing up in the East when it was thriving with development and said he wanted to get back to that point. Lisa Stafford said that the area has everything that it needs to thrive – space, people and talent — but the inaccurate perceptions, including those about crime, are a hindrance.

Listen to the recording of the WBOK radio show at www.noelaservices.com. You can also view the letter at www.noelaservices.com and add your name to the petition.

Tune in to the WBOK Morning Radio show at 8:30 am on Monday, October 21, 2019 to hear from PJ’s Coffee owner Stephanie Chambliss.

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