Call to Action: Economic Development in New Orleans East

It has been fourteen years since much of the city was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans East was arguably the most devastated by the storm; however, despite the amount of time that has passed, the progress made in other parts of New Orleans, and our leaders’ promises to make New Orleans East a priority, the area has not reached its potential.

Economic Development is severely lacking in New Orleans East. There is no reason that the East — an area with a population of more than 83,000, an average disposable income of more than $50,000, one of the highest percentages of homeownership in the city, seven mega churches with congregations totaling more than 30,0001 and with 100,000 cars passing through daily via I-102 – should have no availability of retail shopping, dining choices, a movie theater, and other entertainment options. 

Although many individuals and organizations share responsibility for bringing economic development to New Orleans East, it appears that no one has taken the lead on this effort. There have been several meetings to which there has been no follow up.

Although blight is often given as a reason for the lack of economic development, there are numerous properties in New Orleans East, many of them in pristine condition, that are available for use. And unlike downtown New Orleans, where development projects are being crammed into a small amount of space, there is ample space for development in New Orleans East. Some have mentioned crime as a cause for lack of growth in New Orleans East; yet, for the rest of the city, crime has not hindered business growth.

Because New Orleans East lacks this critical economic development, our valuable tax dollars are being spent in other parishes, allowing them to provide their citizens with the police protection, city services and quality of life that we should enjoy. We have waited long enough.

While we realize that you cannot provide business names due to confidentiality agreements, we are asking you to please provide, within 30 days, your action plan or proposal for bringing sustainable economic development to New Orleans East, with specific references to each of the following areas of interest:

  1. Opportunity Zone
  2. Incentives, tax or otherwise, for attracting new businesses to New Orleans East, or assisting existing businesses
  3. Six Flags
  4. Use of revenue from filming in New Orleans East
  5. Former Lake Forest Plaza site / Lowe’s
  6. Actions taken to attract businesses, and the outcome of those actions
  7. Number of entities contacted within the past year regarding development in the East
  8. Types of entities contacted

Please send your plans/proposals to Please do not include plans for blight remediation or social events.

We eagerly await your plans for bringing the economic development we have so patiently waited for.



NOLA East Concerned Citizens

1 City Council District E

2 Department of Transportation

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