The Advocate | States need to foster systems to nurture entrepreneurs in order to reduce wealth gap


OCT 23, 2019 – 3:50 PM


To help drive small business development, especially among minorities, cities and states need to foster entrepreneurial ecosystems that make it easier for fledgling companies to find the resources they need, the head of a national organization focused on developing inclusive innovation economies said Wednesday. Read more.

The results are in!

Residents share their opinions on local dining options

During the month of September, NOELA Newsletter readers entered their preferences for dining options and their opinions on establishments currently in the area. The results are shown below:

When asked how often they eat out in New Orleans East, 37% responded with weekly, while 34% responded with monthly. The remaining respondents indicated that they don’t eat out very often, but reasons included that there are few options to choose from, or they expressed fatigue from eating at the same establishments repeatedly, the majority of which are fast food. Continue reading “The results are in!” | New Orleans City Council OK’s restrictions on new dollar stores

Seeking to attract more large grocery stores with wide food selections to New Orleans East, the New Orleans City Council this week approved rules to limit the further spread of discount stores that have proliferated there and in some other neighborhoods.

The rules also grant grocers extra floor space if they open new stores in the Chef Menteur Highway, Hayne Boulevard, Downman Road and Morrison Road corridors.

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WBOK Radio Show addresses concerns about New Orleans East

WBOK 1230 AM invited residents of New Orleans East to be guests on the Friday morning radio show in response to the letter that was sent out on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. The letter called residents of New Orleans East to action to support a request to elected officials to provide an action plan within 30 days for increasing economic development in the area.

From 8:30 am until 9:30 am, Sylvia Scineaux-Richard, President of the East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission (ENONAC); Tangee Wall, Executive Director of Friends of Joe W. Brown Park; Bryan Jourdain, President of the Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District; and Lisa Stafford, Owner of NOELA Services, LLC, talked about their concerns related to the lack of economic development in the East. Continue reading “WBOK Radio Show addresses concerns about New Orleans East”

Call to Action: Economic Development in New Orleans East

It has been fourteen years since much of the city was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans East was arguably the most devastated by the storm; however, despite the amount of time that has passed, the progress made in other parts of New Orleans, and our leaders’ promises to make New Orleans East a priority, the area has not reached its potential. Continue reading “Call to Action: Economic Development in New Orleans East”