Small Business Profile: WINK Your Eyes Eyelash Studio & Makeup Store

WINK Your Eyes is Louisiana’s Premier Salon that specializes exclusively in eyelashes. We provide an automatic face lift to the everyday woman through eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, and makeup application. We specialize in add on services overlooked by many salons as our primary service and we execute them swiftly and proficiently. Since our establishment in 2011 at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge WINK Your Eyes has serviced more than 80,000 clients with eyelashes, eyebrow and makeup needs.

WINK Your Eyes is comprised of a team of certified makeup artist, cosmetologist and estheticians that are dedicated to enhancing the beauty of the everyday woman. We have an extensive line of our own products from eyeshadows, eyebrow powders, eyelashes and more. Our products have been used daily in our salons and by thousands of customers. 

New Orleans

WINK Your Eyes opened a 1,700 square foot facility in the heart of Mid-City New Orleans on Canal Street in May of 2018. WINK is expanding its service menu to include full body waxing and permanent makeup. WINK in New Orleans will employ six eyelash technicians, one full service esthetician and four independent makeup artists.

Instagram: @winkyoureyes

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – Dixie Brewing Company, LLC is set to open its doors to the public on Saturday, January 25, capping a 14-year local production hiatus after the brewery was destroyed due to Hurricane Katrina.  The location (3501 Jourdan Road) was selected specifically due to its proximity to downtown New Orleans (eight minutes from the French Quarter), ease of logistics, and its capacity to brew and package nearly 100,000 barrels annually. Continue reading “DIXIE BREWING COMPANY SET TO OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON JANUARY 25, 2020”

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Building a new New Orleans East

What does it take to build a city?


The basic necessities of a city are people, a means for those people to support themselves financially, land to build on, housing, schools, retail, green space, infrastructure (roads, transportation, utilities, water supply, waste management, etc.), public safety, some form of governance and methods of funding public activities.

New Orleans East has all of those things, yet, it still struggles in many ways.

If you could build a new New Orleans East from scratch, what would you do differently? What would you do that has never been done? What would you stop doing that’s not working?

Please leave a comment about what you would do, if given the power and/or money needed, to change New Orleans East.

Results of NOELA Business Owner Survey

In October, readers who are past, present or future business owners were asked to complete a brief survey to share their thoughts about operating a business in New Orleans East. Only 20 business owners responded, so the survey will be revisited again at a later date; however, the feedback (see below) from those who did respond offers some insight into the challenges and needs of small businesses. 

The data, though limited, provides information that can be used to revisit specific topics of interest for small business owners and those considering the possibility of owning a small business. For example, even though individuals may be uninterested in operating a business themselves, they may be interested in funding the operations of a business that someone else manages. Or, if several individuals are experiencing the same challenges, a collective effort can be made to address those concerns.  Continue reading “Results of NOELA Business Owner Survey”

Gearing up for the 2020 Census

By Lisa Stafford

By law, the U. S. Census, an official population count, occurs every 10 years. Most areas—about three of every four households—will receive an invitation to respond online (or by phone), while the other households will receive a paper questionnaire along with an invitation to respond online. 

Here’s why you should participate 

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